Good Faith Efforts

Good faith efforts as defined by the federal government are actions by our University intended to identify and, if present, remove barriers to minorities and women within our workforce or, alternatively, actions that expand employment opportunities for minorities and women within our workforce. As a federal contractor, FIU must assess our good faith efforts annually. Good faith efforts include but are not limited to:  

  • Posting positions on sites that cater to women, underrepresented minorities, individuals with disabilities, and veterans 
  • Postings of positions for a reasonable period of time  
  • Intentional outreach, sourcing and advertising of job openings  
  • Review of job pools and positions change requests 
  • Trainings offered to search committees to best practices in hiring  
  • Programs that mentor and support marginalized groups on campus such as affinity groups  
  • Intentional actions toward meeting University affirmative action plan goals.