• Emmanuele Bowles, Ed.D.

    Emmanuele Bowles, Ed.D.
    Assistant Vice President, Human Resources

  • Jackie Barba

    Jackie Barba
    Budget Director

  • Ana M. Moreyra

    Ana M. Moreyra
    Senior Executive Assistant

Office of Civil Rights Compliance and Accessibility (CRCA)

  • Jacqueline Moise Gibbs

    Jacqueline Moise Gibbs
    Interim Director, Office of Civil Rights Compliance and Accessibility; [...]

  • Caridad Coll

    Caridad Coll
    Equal Opportunity Program Specialist, Office of Civil Rights Compliance [...]

  • Nina Powell

    Nina Powell
    Title IX, EEO Investigator, Office of Civil Rights Compliance [...]

  • Mario Lewis, Ph.D

    Mario Lewis, Ph.D
    Assistant Director, Education and Learning

Office of Equal Opportunity (EO)

  • Garth Headley

    Garth Headley
    Director of Equal Opportunity

  • Jay P. Jefferson, Ph.D.

    Jay P. Jefferson, Ph.D.
    Assistant Director of Equal Opportunity

  • Sasha Narinesingh

    Sasha Narinesingh
    Program Coordinator

  • Vanessa Quiroz

    Vanessa Quiroz
    Data Analyst

  • Jeffrey Biondi

    Jeffrey Biondi
    Assistant Data Analyst